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Definition of Yohualtotomeh

Translated from the ancestral Mexican language called “Nahuatl” it means“ night birds” or “night birds”.

Compound and plural noun that poetically lauds the birds that soar through the night sky.


Yohualtotomeh is a compound word that comes from the Nahuatl language. The first part of this word is yohual which means “night” and the second part is totomeh which means “birds”. Therefore, the literal meaning is “night birds”.

This word is part of the poetic language of the Nahuatl language and can be found in different verses written in this language. In addition, these terms are an important part of the ancestral language of Mexico and have been relevant to the development and diversity of the Spanish language.


Yohualtotomeh is one of the important words of the poem “The rabbit on the moon” by Miguel León Portilla. It is common to find this lyrical work in academic lessons in schools in Mexico.

“The rabbit in the moon” or tochin in meztic is also an ancient Aztec legend in which it is tried to make known why the moon seems to have the shadow of a rabbit portrayed. It is from there that different literary creations are born, such as the poem by Miguel León Portilla.