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Definition of Saracatunga

Make reference to the sexual act with obese people. In technical terms, saracatunga is called fat fetishism, that is to say, “fat fetishism“. Another word used to give the same idea is “feeding” which is the sexual arousal towards fat.


It is the name given to a daring and sensual dance that is performed by men. In general, the people who perform these choreographies are overweight.



The term is of Latin American origin, specifically from the country of Argentina and its use has not yet spread to other regions, nor has it been accepted by the authorities of the Spanish language.

In the saracatunga dance, men appear in clothing that, despite being masculine, is very light and crude. These dancers also use makeup to make their performance more grotesque and sensual.


The word saracatunga is used in Argentina in some songs, even for children. The lyrics of these songs do not have a clear meaning, rather they seek to make an onomatopoeia of a rhythmic dance.

Among the young saracatunga it can refer to a past party in tone. These types of parties are characterized by dancing with sexual content. In the midst of these types of parties, people with obesity can become the protagonists.