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Definition of Chivirica

dominican republic

She is a woman who flirts excessively and who enjoys provoking men with her dress and way of expressing herself. For example: Don’t be so chivirica that you have a boyfriend.

It is said of a woman who is problematic and makes scandals at all times, in this case, it is colloquially related to the phrase “she lacks a husband”.

By extension, it refers to a woman who is very cheerful and social with everyone, yet her attitude does not involve anything beyond friendship.


Chivirica or chivirika, is used to designate a woman who cheats on her husband or who has lovers. In other words, a woman who cheats almost publicly. For example: Dress up the girl from Guadalupe with the moso at the movies and her husband at work.


dominican republic

  1. Coquette
  2. Cheerful
  3. Buscona


  1. Unfaithful
  2. False
  3. Unfair


dominican republic

  1. Modest
  2. Copy
  3. Shy


  1. Faithful
  2. Loyal
  3. Reliable


dominican republic

In the Dominican Republic, chivirica comes from the two words in Spanish “chiva” and “rica”, from this perspective, chivirica is a woman who is crazy like a “chiva” and who is “rich” that is, she is physically attractive. Therefore, the term is associated with those women who, due to their attractiveness and character, are social and provoke men.


In Mexico the word takes on a slightly different meaning, but in essence it has the same basis, namely, a woman who does not have emotional stability. The connotation of beauty is not implicit in the use of chivirica in this country.


“Chivirika” is a song from 2021 by the artists “El Villanord” and “Yailin la Mas Viral”. The song has been very popular on different platforms and social networks, especially on Tik Tok.

Chivirico is a Caribbean town belonging to Cuba, it is characterized by having tropical beaches and a large hotel industry.

In Cuba there is a dessert or bread called “chivirico”, it is a thin cake dough that is fried and powdered sugar is applied to it.