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Definition of Simon

Simon is a term that at first glance reminds us of a proper name, but for nothing it is all that Simon means . In countries like Mexico the meaning of Simon is somewhat different. Next we will show you what Simon means in the colloquial circles of several countries.

The origin of Simon comes as a variation of the affirmative term “Yes” combined with the suffix “mon”, functioning as an ingenious pun on the name Simon.

In retrospect, Simon in Mexico would be “Yes! or of course! ”respectively. This expression is used as an assertion of an energetic nature.

For example:

“Juan Carlos will you go to the party then?

-Simon man. ”- Sure man!

“So you brought the beers?

-Simon ”- Yes!”

This term is used in the colloquial context of Mexico, especially among young people where it is common for Simon to be accompanied by phrases such as “Wey” and “carnal.”


Simon wey  – Of course, man!

As an affirmative answer, Simon also means approval, in a nutshell agree with what someone else says.

In this variant the meaning of Simon would be “I agree or you are right.” This approval form is also widely used by speakers.

Below we will show a practical example of this simon variant.

“ I think people should treat others as they would like them to treat themselves.

-Simon! ”