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Definition of Degranao

Degranao is a word that comes from the colloquial language of the Dominican Republic; and it captivates the curiosity of more than one. Next, we will show you what is the meaning of Degranao and what are its etymological origins.

The expression Degranao, in the Dominican Republic is used as a synonym for Derailed or Destroyed according to its context.

It is important to note that this term can take various interpretations, as to its real meaning when it is used. For example, this term is often used to name things or people who have plummeted and suffered considerable damage.

Another possible use of this expression is when it is applied as a synonym for someone who has run out of money or is simply poor.

ORIGIN OF Degranao

This term is born through a deformation of the word “Desgranado” which refers to certain types of vegetables and fruits.

In agriculture the word shelled is used to name the legumes, cereals and fruits that have been stripped of all their grains.

Like, for example, Maize, Guandules, Peas, Rice, Beans and many others.


Here are some examples of the use of the term Degranao in the Dominican Republic.

  • “His phone fell degranao” – His phone fell and was destroyed.
  • ” Toy degranao without even one ” – I have no money.
  •  My car was degranado last night” – My car fell apart last night.