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Definition of Tarjeteo

central america

It is a vulgarism used in Latin America, specifically in Central America, to refer to the action of getting high with cocaine. This responds to the use that is made of cards to form lines or stripes that will later be aspirated.


It is used to refer to the action of overusing cards, especially credit, to make purchases. Typically, much of these are unnecessary and pose a risk to the buyer’s finances.

 It may refer to one of the most common frauds that can occur with credit and debit cards, namely cloning. This type of fraud is mainly done by tampering with ATMs and through other methods.


Tarjeteo, in its various meanings, is a vulgarism that is used in different parts of Latin America. In this context, the term comes from the verbalization of the noun “card“, that is, from forming an action from that subject.

The card application is broad, as it refers to different actions carried out with cards, especially bank ones. The word is rarely used and, for this reason, it is not accepted by the language authorities as an official term. Actually, it is used in colloquial contexts mostly.


The appearance of the card in the song “Teteo Remix“, probably refers to the action of getting high. The above responds to the fact that the theme of the song is intrinsically related to drugs.