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Definition of Yaya

On the internet, there are a lot of meanings for the word Yaya, although it is not really clear what it means, there are 3 concise concepts about its definition.

Concept number 1:

In some Latin American countries such as Chile and Colombia, Yaya refers to a skin lesion. The lesions are superficial or small wounds, and can also mean a healed wound, that is, a scar.

For example:

  • Yayas in your body.
  • A little yaya.

Concept number 2:

In Spain, grandparents are known as Yaya. On the other hand, in other parts of the world, this word refers to a babysitter or person who takes care of child care.

But, in addition to caring for children from home, it is also related to medical care, that is, a home nurse in particular care for the little ones.

Concept number 3:

In the tropical areas of Cuba, there is the “Common Yaya” or “Yaya prieta”, its scientific name is “Oxandra lanceolata (Sw.) Baill” and it has countless medicinal properties.

Among its benefits, it can be mentioned that it controls and / or helps with:

  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Diabetes.
  • Brain affections.
  • Psoriasis

Etymology of Yaya

Of Catalan origin, “iaio” and “iaia” gradually moved to Spanish as “Yaya”, since in children’s pronunciation, that is the sound that is emitted.


The singer 6ix9ine, American rapper, released a music video called “Yaya”, last month causing so much fury that he came to position himself in the top # 2 of the most viewed.

The most relevant comments indicate that his single in Spanish has a very good vibe, color and everyone is noticing it.

The video has approximately 112,000,000 visits in less than a month and reflects that the number will continue to increase.

The word that gives rise to this article also expresses that an individual has an outgoing personality, with a lot of attitude and who is charismatic. Needless to say, the video is a “Yaya”.