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Definition of Bellaqueo

Action of conducting intimate relationships in a perverse or intense way. For example, let’s go beautify tonight mommy.

Strong desire to have sex. Used mainly in urban slang.


Verb or bucking action performed by an animal, especially equine, to get rid of the rider.

Assiduously resist doing something. For example, he has already become beautiful and did nothing.


Action of doing evil or acting in a mean way. For example: the bellaqueo is the only thing you do, you must change.


The origin of the term bellaqueo comes from the word bellaco, for its part this word was used to designate someone wicked or mean in ancient times. According to the colloquial language of Puerto Rico, a person is mischievous when he intensely wishes to perpetuate intimate relationships.

For its part, the origin of bellaco is uncertain. On some occasions, it is related to the term bacallar, which is of Celtic origin, but there is no proven record of this.


This state is usually common in the famous parties called “party” where aphrodisiac substances that incite intimacy are often consumed.

In the world of music, the word bellaqueo has been widely used for several years, being used in lyrics by various exponents. Several exponents of genres such as reggaetón or Trap mention this word in a subliminal way to indicate intimate actions.

In the song a bellaqueo by the Puerto Rican singer Ozuna, this term is mentioned directly: “a bellaqueo is what the baby asks for.”

There are many songs that carry this term, some examples are:

A Bellaqueo of Ozuna

Daddy Yankee’s Bellaqueo begins

Bellaqueo by Afrojuice and RvFv (remix version)

A Bellaqueo by Jonna Torres