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Definition of Wawawa

Onomatopoeia formed by the sound that is made at the time of a fellatio. That is, it is an explicit synonym for mamaguevo.

dominican republic

Noun that designates people of low social status and who are followers of urban music. Normally, they are people who live precariously.


  1. Feleción
  2. MMG
  3. Mamaguevo
  4. Mamañema

dominican republic

  1. Neighborhood
  2. Tigueraje
  3. Precarious
  4. Malianteo


Wawawa is a term that has onomatopoeic origin, specifically, it is the sound that is produced in the middle of a fellatio. From this perspective, the term designates that action literally.

dominican republic

The term wawawa has become popular thanks to the use of the word in urban music. Several artists began to use it in the sense of someone from the lower class and this led to debate or disagreement between the Popi and the Wawawa. That is to say, between the well-off and those who are not in a good economic position.

The use of the word in the musical medium has made this word spread to other places that consume this type of music. Also, social networks and the media have been relevant in its expansion.


Wawawa is the term used by the Dominican Republic artist Rochy D to designate his followers. That is, those who follow Rap music and are low class.

Wawawa is a Y2K and Bbno $ song. In this topic the explicit meaning of the word is taken for granted and illustrated through actions that can be seen in the video.