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Definition of Cocho

The origin of cocho comes from the “Coch” sound, this sound is used to call pigs in captivity within a farm.

In this way, in Spain and a few other Spanish-speaking countries the meaning of Cocho is “Pork or Pocilga”.

As additional information, it should be mentioned that a pigsty is that place on the farm destined to house pigs that serve as cattle.

Thus, we can intuit that the word cocho is a synonym for dirt and disorder since it is linked to pigs and their little hygienic habitat.

In other Spanish-speaking countries, pigs are also often referred to as Chancho, Cochino or simply Puerco.

Meaning of Cocho in Peru

In the Republic of Peru there are several locations that use the word cocho to refer to a very elderly person of advanced age.

Meaning of Cocho in Chile

In the country of Chile, the word Cocho is strongly linked to its most typical culture, specifically gastronomy.

As such, cocho is a beverage made from wheat, with wheat flour being more accurate in the company of sugar and water.

In the beginning this drink was made with roasted cornmeal by the Mapuche people, an indigenous group native to Chile and Argentina .

As a fact to add, it is well known that Cocho was part of breakfast for a long time in rural families in Chile.

Finally, the word Cocho is also used in South America as a synonym for “toasted flour”.