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Definition of Punani

Word that is used to designate the female sexual organ in many Spanish-speaking areas. That is, it uses as a synonym for vigina.


It is the transliteration into Spanish from the Hindi term पुननि which means “gathered”. In other words, it refers to the action of joining two or more people with a specific purpose or not.


The origin of the word punani has been much debated, on the one hand, it is found that the etymology comes from the Hawaiian pua nani which is “celestial flower”. On the other hand, it is said that it comes from the Jamaican punany or poonani, which has a similar meaning.

In the colloquial Jamaican language the term poonani is used to refer to the female sexual organ. This meaning has transcended borders thanks to urban music and social networks.


“Gimmie Punany” is a song from the 80s by the artist “Admiral Bailey” in which the same reference is used. At present new versions of it have been made, one of them by the artist “Jason Imanuel”.

Punani is a song by the American rapper “6ix9ine“. This theme was released in 2020, a few months after the artist’s release from prison.