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Lomas Turbas

Definition of Lomas Turbas

Lomas Turbas, in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile or Argentina, more than being a place or address, it is a double meaning word (or albur in spanish) and it has a sexual connotation.

Like many “albures”, Lomas Turbas acquires its original meaning when it is placed and written with the correct spaces: lo masturbas (masturbate it).

“Lo” in this case is used as a pronoun that replaces the attribute of copulative verbs (to be, to be and to seem).

“Masturbas” is the verb in the present tense of masturbation. Its meaning is the stimulation of the genital organs or erogenous zones either with the hand, other parts of the body or sex toys in order to provide sexual enjoyment (orgasm).

If you combine lo + masturbas it becomes an imperative in which the receiver is asked to stimulate his erogenous zone to provide him/her with pleasure.

  • The pronoun “lo” in Lomas Turbas replaces the erogenous zone to which it is meant (generally the male sexual organ).

Lomas Turbas on television

Due to its appearance of a place or address, Lomas Turbas has been used for trolling various television journalists.

Such is the case of the journalist Priscilla Vargas, who reviewed the reports on social networks until she read: “In Lomas Turbas it is hailing.”

At the time, she very seriously affirmed: “I don’t know where Lomas Turbas is.”

This is how this moment was framed as an Internet meme and as a comic fact, both for viewers and for the television network.

In this sense, Lomas Turbas has become a joke used by Internet users who send their comments to journalists.