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Definition of Verijas

Verijas in the plural and verija in the singular, is a colloquial term frequently used to indicate a curious human anatomical part. Stay at so you know more about the meaning of the Verijas.

The word Verijas comes from the Latin virillia collective of virilis which means virile. The verija is defined as the part between the last ribs (floating ribs) and the pubic bones. It is also defined as lower abdomen, in humans.

In quadrupeds it is the region prior to the insertion of the hind legs next to the genitalia.

But in Latin America, verija is used to mark the pubic area and the female and male genitalia.

This is why it is very common for Latin American countries to hear people saying:

  • Boy cover the verija.
  • Get on the zipper that you see the verija.
  • Taking cool through the verija.
  • Put talcum powder on the verija.
  • Stop scratching your verija.

Synonyms of verija in Colombia:

  • Cuca
  • Chimba
  • Vagina

Synonyms for verija in the Dominican Republic

  • Entrepiernas
  • Groin

Synonyms of verija in Spain

  • Sunrise
  • Effeminate

Curious fact

In Uruguay it is used as a colloquial term and means hard roast strip.

In Spain, verija is a man of mannered or effeminate behavior.

In the Canary Islands, a person with immature behavior is called a verija.