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Definition of Wiken

The term Wiken is one that has come into public view after the publication of a song of the same name by the Puerto Rican singer Tempo. Below we will show you what is the meaning of Wiken and what is its origin.

Wiken works as a word that seeks to imitate the pronunciation of the English term “Weekend”.

This word is found among the written anglicisms as they are pronounced in a Hispanic accent, as is the case of Baby-Beibi.

To put us in context, anglicism is an expression or word of the English language used in a different language.

As additional information, some of the most popular anglicisms are: Show, Party, Chance, parking and many others.

Wiken Song (Tempo)

In February 2020, the Puerto Rican rapper Tempo released a new song with the name of Wiken where he makes clear reference to nightlife.

In this song, apology is made at the weekend, where traditionally people usually go out to party and enjoy themselves at night.

This occurs as a consequence of many people being out of their work shifts, which normally take place from Monday to Friday.

Thus, these variables form the perfect environment to orchestrate a weekend of partying and disco as the song narrates.