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Definition of Arrebatao

It refers to a person or animal who is impetuous and hasty. That is, it acts in an untimely way. For example: The horse is snatched.

Describes a face that is very flushed. This can be from natural causes or due to physical activity.

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Synonymous with being high. In other words, it applies to a person who is stimulated by the use of hallucinogens. It is used in the urban environment and, especially, in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. For example: Juan was rapt at the jangueo.

Person who is at a given moment in contempt of the authorities.


Risky, impatient and impulsive person. It is used, especially, in the coastal area of this country. Verbigracia: Are you rapturous? Take it easy!

It refers to someone who is not considerate and who acts with violence.


Vulgarly refers to an object that has been violently taken from its owner. Actually, the correct term is snatched.


Arrebatao is a term derived from the verb snatch. The latter, for its part, comes from the Arabic word ribat,which means “to hold or tie”. Added to the prefix “a” this term originally means “to remove something with violence”.

Due to the characteristics of the Caribbean and urban expressions, the expression arrebatao is created. This is an unauthorized way, but it is characteristic of the vocabulary of this area. Then, with the passage of time, the different meanings are born in each territory.


One of the main phrases of the song “La Jeppeta” by Nio Garcia, Brray and Juanka is the one that says “snatch it by turning in the jeepeta”.

Arrebatao is a song from 2021 by urban artist El Alfa “el Jefe”. The main connotation of this word in the song is that of drug use.

“Barranquillero Arrebatao” is a classic of Colombian salsa music that has been performed by many leading artists of the genre.