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Definition of Piquete

Refers to a small wound caused by a sharp object. For example: Carlos, drop that knife, look at the piquete (picket) you made.

It is a small hole that has been made in the clothes. In this case, the hole may be caused by wear and tear or some other reason. Verbigracia: I’m going to throw this shirt away, it’s already full of piquetes (pickets).


It is used to name a type of food or snack that is made or offered in country settings. This food can be roasted, cooked, or prepared in similar ways.


Piquete is used to name a small group of musicians. An example of this is the musical group called “Barbarito Torres y su Piquete Cubano”.

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It is a bite from a small animal. Such is the case of insect or other animal bites. Thus, this word is interpreted as a synonym for wheal.


Small group of soldiers who are appointed for a mission of an extraordinary nature. Generally, they are chosen to carry out firing squads.

It refers to a group of people who meet for reasons of protest. This protest can be for peaceful or violent reasons and is also known by the word “strike”. 

Designates the act of giving a little pull. In this context the semantics is directed to the act of pulling someone just a little. For example: Juanita, don’t keep bothering me because I’m going to have to picket you.

For the urban musical context, having “Piquete” or “being the Piquete” is an expression that denotes pride and supremacy before one’s peers.


Piquete is a widely used polysemic noun in Spanish. The origin of this word can be traced to the term “beak” which is a word of onomatopoeic origin that designates the jaw of birds.

The word piquete is used in various contexts. Many of the uses of this word are colloquial and are understood in a small sector of the world. Other meanings are more global, either because of their widespread use or because they are part of viral content.


Piquete is a “chacho,” a singer who has the best flow or who has the necessary spark to be a benchmark of his genre. The word is used mainly in reggaeton lyrics.