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Definition of Ahuevo

It is the first person conjugation of the verb “ahuevar” that has different meanings depending on the context. Mainly, it means to give something an elliptical or egg shape.

Action carried out by someone to clean the wine using egg whites. This process is carried out especially in clear wines.


One of the most common ways of using it is to imply that the idea is being understood and the message of your interlocutor is being captured. For example, when one person is explaining something to another, the other says ahuevo.

 It can be used ahuevo when in response to a command or to simply acquiesce to a message. An example would be: – Tonight you have to finish the project by the end of the grade or you will not be able to pass. – ahuevo.


It is used synonymously with being stunned, embarrassed or cowed. That is, to denote bewilderment, cowardice, or fear. Verbigracia: “Me ahuevo” when I see that woman.

costa rica

In the first person sense, this word is used to imply a depressive state in which you do not want to do anything at all. For example: When “me ahuevo” I do the best thing is to listen to Leiva’s music.


Ahuevo in all its meanings is related to the word “egg”. That is, in one way or another, this word refers directly or indirectly to eggs. For example, it can denote shaping an egg, making something with an egg, among others.

In colloquial contexts the reference to eggs is almost always influenced by their vulgar use. In other words, the connotation is associated with the male testicles, as they are called in this way because they have a similar shape. In this way, ahuevar is related to the concepts of huevón in different Spanish-speaking areas.


“Simpson Ahuevo” is a multifaceted artist from Mexico. One of his great passions is photography, but he also releases musical themes, among which is the popular song “Arre”.