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Malo Corista

Definition of Malo Corista

You are here probably because you have heard the phrase “Malo Corita” and naturally not everything has been clear to you regarding it, right? … But you, at we will tell you the meaning of Malo Corista in the Dominican Republic.

This phrase was born in the first decade of the 21st century in the Dominican Republic, and arises as a colloquial term. The word Malo Corista, is made up of 2 words in its structure; the first refers to evil or the simple fact of being bad and the second word “Coro” is a group of people who sing in sync.

In the Dominican Republic, chorus has another meaning; there, a choir is a group of people, or a gathering.

Uniting both definitions we could call a “Malo corista” as the person who does wrong within a group of people. Also the phrase “Malo corista” can be used as a synonym for, “Undesirable”, “Treacherous” or “Agua Fiestas”.

It should be noted that the actions performed by a “Malo corista” are called “Malos coros”. These so-called “Malos coros” range from humiliating actions against one or more members of the group, to acts of treason with apparent malice, practical jokes and others.

Next, we will show some examples on the use of the term “malo corita” in the Dominican colloquial language.

  • “Juan is a strong malo corita” – Juan is a ruin strong groups.
  • ” Don’t come with your malo coro ” -Don’t come with your jokes.