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Definition of Mamañema

República Dominicana

Literally, person who performs or#al s#ex on a man.

By extension, highly offensive insult said for different purposes, but not referring to the literal act of the word. For example: this mamañema stole 100 pesos from me that I had stored in the drawer.


Mamañema is a word made up of two pieces, namely mama and ñema. Its use is almost exclusive as an adjective in the Dominican Republic. Mama comes from the verb “su#ck” and refers to the action of absorbing something tangible with the mouth, usually to extract some type of liquid.

On the other hand, ñema is one of the many ways that exist to name the glans. That is, it refers directly to the head of the pe#nis. For all the above, the whole word designates someone who practices fellatio. However, its use is not generally literal, but rather as a high-grade insult and synonymous with mamaguevo.


Tú lo que eres es un mamañema” is a song by Tyson el Dominicano that was released on various platforms in 2020. The song is characterized by being highly offensive and with great sexual content.

In social networks, the use of the word is changed to the acronym MMÑ.