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Definition of Malianteo

  1. Variation of thug that retains the same meaning. That is, a person who performs bad actions as a gangster, criminal or thug.
  2. Reggaeton subgenre that arises from the fusion with other rhythms such as Rap, Hip Hop and Rapcore. Generally, the lyrics of these songs speak of the life of some criminals or of criminal life in general.


  1. Malefactor
  2. Gangster
  3. Criminal


  1. Good citizen
  2. Honorable
  3. Honored


The term Malianteo comes from a thug, which is synonymous with criminal, gangster or thug. This has become popular thanks to a musical sub-genre belonging to reggaetón. This arises from a fusion of Reggaeton, rap, hip hop and rapcore.

It is used in what is called street language or urban language. In a similar way to the drug corridors, the musical genre Malianteo seeks to enhance the actions of people who participate in generally illicit acts. These songs are characterized by having lyrics that describe stories of the street, with topics such as violence, drugs, gangs, street fights, and experiences of the streets.


  1. Among the most popular exponents of this genre we can find
    • Ñengo Flow
    • Archangel
    • Anuel AA
    • Hector el father
  2. Various artists have named their themes with this term. Among them, 420 RKT, Benny Benni and Messiah.