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Definition of Baltri

The word baltri is one of those words that you probably heard in some conversation and it made you very curious about its meaning. Next in we will tell you what baltri means and what is its origin.

The term Baltri is a Dominican adaptation of the English phrase “Bad Trip” which translated into Spanish literally means “Bad Journey.”

In the United States, a hallucinogenic crisis caused by the consumption of strong psychedelic substances is called Bad Trip.

Therefore, the meaning of Baltri is “Unpleasant psychedelic experience.” Such experiences usually occur when high doses of hallucinogenic substances are consumed.

Baltri side effects include loop hallucinations, nausea, vertigo and other symptoms.

In the beginning the word Baltri began to be used in groups of young people who frequented nightclubs in the colonial zone and downtown Santo Domingo.

Currently the term has evolved to describe bad experiences in general, such as traumas or shame.


Next, we will show some examples of how the word baltri is used in the Dominican dialect.

  • Wow old that baltri I caught with that happy brownie. –  Wow friend that great hallucinogenic crisis I had with that happy brownie.
  • That party was a baltri. –  That party was a traumatic experience.