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Definition of Vaina

It refers to the wrapper that various legumes and other foods have. For example: Take the vaina off the beans and bring them to me.

Name that receives the cover or cover of diverse elements, among them, knives, machetes, spurs for roosters among others. An example would be: Take the machete out of the vaina and cut a branch.

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In a colloquial way it refers to anything , it is simply the way to ask or mention something without doing it by name. For example: Lend me that vaina that I need.


This word designates an object , situation or element whose name is unknown or simply does not want to name. For example: Can you sell me that vaina to screw in this screw?

Situation or issue that creates confusion , anger, or cannot be easily resolved. An example would be: Now put that vaina down and do something else.


It is said of a person who cannot be trusted or who is always making up stories or speaking lies. For example: Juan is a vaina, do not believe him that he has feelings for you.


The word vaina in any of its meanings comes from the Latin v#gina which designated the sheath of swords. From there, it is applied in Spanish to the different wrappers of both elements and foods that contain them, for example, legumes.

This word when designating the envelopes of different things gave the beginning for the semantics of “thing” to be applied. This is due to the thought that the envelope is something insignificant compared to what it contains, thus a vaina is something without importance, so much so that the name is not even known.


“Una vaina loca” is the name of a song by the artist known as “Fuego“. This song was released in 2011 and due to its popularity it has been an inspiration for more recent urban themes.