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Wachito Rico

Definition of Wachito Rico


Also used in feminine, it is an expression widely used in Chile as a qualifier towards a physically and sexually attractive person. For example: That Marlon is a rich wachito.


It can be used to designate a typical Panamanian dish that is made with meat and rice. Normally, it is called guacho.


Wachito rico seems to get rid of the word “guacho”, although it does not have any meaning related to its origin. The word guacho is an indigenous term that comes from the Cuzco Quechua wakcha, which means “poor” or “orphan”. It is even a word that is applied to those animals that have lost both parents.

In some South American countries, including Chile, the words wachito, wahsito or guachito are used to refer to children or babies in a loving way. It is from there, that it is given the connotation of someone attractive and its use became widespread in the southern country.


“Wachito rico” is also titled a musical album by the Norwegian singer-songwriter Pablo Boy and it will be released on October 23, 2020. 

“Pablo boy” is a Norwegian musician who has Chilean parents. For that reason, his approach to the terms used in that country.