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Definition of 8Fi9

Surely you also wonder what “# 8Fi9” means , that’s why you are here in fact. Here at , we are going to explain the meaning of 8Fi9 and everything related to this curious “word”. Let us begin!

8Fi9 is used to express something amazing, crazy, that has no other level or that in simpler words, is “the end”. But why would this combination of signs, numbers and letters mean such a thing? Here we explain the funny meaning of 8Fi9 .

As we mentioned earlier, the  hashtag  # 8Fi9 literally means “the end”  and is used to jokingly say that something is unmatched.

We will explain it step by step:

  • The number sign (#) is what a  hashtag does.
  • The number 8 in English is pronounced (eigt),
  • Then “Fi” 
  • And finally the 9 , which in English is pronounced (nain)

If we put it all together, we will create the  hashtag  eigt FI nain ,  which with a little creativity and fairy dust, becomes “the end” or “eifinai”, whatever you want to call it.

You can now post “I am I am 8fi9” on social networks, although try first to tell them to stop by, so they can understand the meaning. You can also go through the PrestolRD  channel on Twitter, he publishes a lot of content with this  hashtag.