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Definition of Copete

The word Copete, is used mostly in the academic environment , and refers to the introductory paragraph at the beginning of a story, it is a word from the field of journalism and related disciplines .

In the home environment, copete indicates the upper decoration of a piece of furniture.

In some countries, “the copete” indicates the protruding part of an ice cream cone.

However, we can also say that copete, is a Chilean idiom to refer to any type of  alcoholic  beverages (wines, spirits, beers and drinks in general) (glass dim.).

The word copete, when used in a plural sense, can simplify an action that refers to having drunk alcohol, since it is very common in Chile to say , “I was having some copete”.

In Colombia , it refers to a part of the hair, which is the excess that falls on the forehead, and it is usual to hear people say “comb your forehead”.

On the other hand, in Mexico, “copete” is also linked to the hair that falls on our forehead, but it also has a meaning associated with patience, the limits we have, and when some action is about to transgress our patience, we resort to to say “I’m up to the top.”

Copete in music

The term copete appears commonly adopted in Argentina within punk rock music.

The iconic band Dos Minutos, has a classic song called “copetín al paso”, which also indicates its association with an alcoholic beverage.

However, it is more common to see and hear the word “copete” in Chile, where it is an expression of desire, since it can indicate something that one wants to do: “I want to go drink some copete.”

The polysemy of the word copete, makes it be found used from journalism and communication science books, to punk rock and reggeton songs, which is why it acquires different meanings in Latin America.