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Definition of Yuta

The word Yuta is a term that comes directly from South America and is strongly linked to Argentina and Uruguay . Next, we will show you what is the meaning of Yuta in Argentina and what are its origins. Shall we start?

In Argentina, this word is often used as a synonym for police officers or law enforcement in the city of Buenos Aires .

In this context, this word is usually used colloquially and informally in the slums of Buenos Aires and Monte Video .

As a curious fact, the term Yuta has the same meaning as the word “Cana” which refers to the police or going to jail.

It should be noted that this word worked as a kind of code in the 20th century to warn about the police without it being obvious.

Below are some examples of typical use of the term Yuta in Argentina and Uruguay.

  • ” Here comes the yuta, let’s go ” – Here comes the Police.
  • ” The yuta is down for sure ” – The police are sure to come.

Yuta’s Origin

This term is born from the deformation from the Lunfardo of the word Yunta, which refers to animals that work in pairs.

The code dialect known as Lunfardo, from which Yuta was born, is a slang used in the lower neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rosario .