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Definition of Recho

dominican republic

This word is an adjective that is used to designate a state of great carnal excitement and a strong disposition to copulation. That is, it is the intense feeling of wanting to have sex for lack of doing so or for another reason. For example: Juan shows that he is recho, that is because he has been alone for a long time.


State of high alteration in a person with someone or something. That is, it is when someone is in great anger for various reasons. For example: I am recho with Martina for betraying me in that way.


The word recho comes directly from the term “arrechura” or “arrechera”. The latter can refer to both anger and lust of a person. Thus, the word straight is an adjective that is used to designate a state of great carnal excitement and strong an alteration or anger.

As such, this term is strongly linked to the vulgar language used in the streets of the Dominican Republic, being considered a derogatory term. In the same way, in Colombia it can be a rude term for some regions.


“Toy Recho” is a song of Dominican origin interpreted by various urban artists. This theme was released on June 4, 2021.