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Definition of Guille

Colloquial term widely used in the streets of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to designate wanting to pretend something that is not. For example: Pedro walks guillao from Gangster.


Go through life without some kind of worry. For example: We are guillaos on this night of partying.

Go unnoticed in some place or context. For example: I am guilloche without anyone knowing.

Short form of calling people named Guillermo. An example would be: Hey, Guille, are we going to go to the park in the afternoon?


The word guille or guillao is widely used in the Latin American zone. It is traced that it is used mainly in urban contexts and has been popularized thanks to some reggaeton songs and other rhythms. Due to its wide use it is difficult to find the origins of it.

The word has not yet been accepted by the Royal Academy of the Language in any of its previously mentioned meanings. However, its use extends every day and it is possible that it will be accepted over time.


In the world of music, the word guille also makes an appearance, for example, in the song “Guille” by the Puerto Rican singer Farruko in collaboration with Daddy Yankee.

Several urban artists make use of guille or guillao in the lyrics or title of their songs.