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Definition of Vecinita

Vecinita comes from the term neighbor, which in turn this comes from the Latin vicinus de vicus that was interpreted as a neighborhood or place. Here we will tell you all about the meaning of vecinita and some curiosities.

A neighbor is the person who lives with others in the same building, next to it or even in the same neighborhood.

Despite the fact that the term Neighbor / a is used strictly for people who live contiguously, it can be said that all the people who live in the same sector, neighborhood or urbanization are neighbors.

It should be noted that neighborhood has a close relationship with the neighboring term, since a neighborhood is the set of neighbors that share a demographic area.


In the communities there is something called the Neighborhood Council , this is nothing more than a group of people living in the same neighborhood who are in charge of order and the healthy coexistence of that sector.

Currently there are two Spanish television series inspired by neighborhood coexistence, one is “Here there is no one who lives” and “La que se avecina”.

In the musical world, specifically in the urban genre, there are different songs that receive the name ” Vecinita “ , these are:

  • Vecinita Dame Whatsapp- Frankely Mc and Lil Rosse
  • My Vecinita- Plan B
  • The Vecinita- Vico c

In Latin countries, it is common to hear among the youth the word ” Vecinita ” commonly used as a compliment or as a courtship.