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Definition of Chuquiteo

State of mind that incites the use of violence or that seeks violence without an apparent meaning. For example: Today we are in chuqiteo would be “today we are looking for problems”.

By extension, it refers to the consumption of drugs that cause a feeling of exaltation, aggressiveness and impulsiveness.


  1. Look for problems
  2. Be raised
  3. Violent
  4. Problematic


The word Chuquiteo comes directly from the term “Chuqui”, which has its origin in the main character of the Child’s Play horror movie saga. In Spanish, these films are referred to as “Chucky the evil doll.”

Chuki or Chuqui is characterized by being evil in nature for no apparent reason. For this reason, the expression chuquiteo refers to the action of “Andar Chuqui” which, in a summarized way, refers to “being in a state of predisposition to violence or crime”.

Some people identify the meaning of “walking chuqui ” or “chuquiteo” as “Walking in the streets in search of problems”. This is why it is related to drug use.


“Chuquiteo” and other popular expressions such as “Pampara”, “Trucho”, “Baje con Trenzas” and “wawawa” have become references in the lyrics of several songs and within the colloquial language of some areas of Central America.

“El Chuquiteo” is a 2019 song by artist “Jey Brown”. In 2020 the remix was released along with “The future out of orbit”.