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Ponte pa mi

Definition of Ponte pa mi

Colloquial phrase used in Central American countries like the Dominican Republic to say “take care of me” or “take time for me”. What is sought is that the person who receives the message puts availability priority for the sender. For example: Leave your homework and ponte pa mi.


As a second sense, this phrase has a sexual connotation. In this sense, the person who expresses it invites the other to be available to make el delicioso.

In some contexts it is understood as an invitation from a man to a woman to “get on four”. In other words, it refers to the position known as “the little dog”.


The phrase “ponte pa mi” is commonly used in Caribbean countries and in urban settings. In the main context it is a call to attention and prioritizing the sender by the receiver.

On the other hand, the sexual connotation can be understood by a wider audience and it is for this reason that it is a popular phrase among songs of the urban genre.


On April 17, 2020, the urban theme “Ponte pa mi” by the exponent Rauw Alejandro in collaboration with Myke Towes was released on digital music platforms.

“Ponte pa mi” is the name of a song by the artist “Justin Quiles”. This theme was released in November 2020.

Many urban artists have this term as part of their lyrics or even as the title of one of their songs. This responds to the double meaning of the phrase and its sexual connotation.