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Definition of Hangiar

Hangiar is a term used in Puerto Rico that means to go outside with your people. This has its etymology of the word Hang Out, from the English language, which in Spanish means hanging or hanging out.

It is popular that this term is used among Spanish-speaking Latin American youth, they use it when they go out to chorus with the people on the street.

This term is closely related to the word laziness, since these young people go out with their companions but not to carry out productive practices or to work, but rather than spend time.


In Colombia the word Hangiar is written as Jangueo and it is to leave rumba.

In Spain hanguear is having sex with someone, example: “Tonight I am going to hangiar with Marcos”.

It should be noted that this word has had a diffusion throughout the world thanks to urban music, since mainly Puerto Rican urban exponents usually integrate this word in their songs.