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Definition of Popiwa

dominican republic

They are those people who have grown up with comforts and good economic position, however, they like the style and music characteristic of the lower classes.

By extension, it is said of those who, despite their good social position, want to pretend that they have grown up on the streets for different reasons.


The word popiwa derives from “popi” and “wawawa” which are two terms used to divide the social class of Dominicans. The popi are the people raised without economic deficiencies and / or who are endowed with a good physical appearance. For their part, the Wawawa are people raised in poor neighborhoods, in a street context and people with more precariousness.

This term designates those who, despite having a good social position, like the urban context. Especially, there is the differentiation by the type of music that each person listens or should listen to. This term was created by the singer “Lo Blanquito”.


Popiwa is a song that was released in 2020 and is performed by the artists “Lo Blanquito” and “Crazy Design”. This topic represents the first occurrence of the term in any domain.