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Definition of Vacano

  1.  Adjective used to qualify people, objects and even situations. In other words, it’s synonymous with cool, fun, or cool.


  1. It is said of a person who is very attractive or who is desirable because of his physical appearance. 
  2. It is the way in which they refer to a man who cannot support himself, but his wife is the one who pays for the household expenses.


  1. Man who is responsible for answering for the expenses of women with whom he has some kind of relationship, especially sentimental.
  2. Person who has excess money, that is, who has a good social position.


  1. It is the transliteration of the Hindi word वचनो and translated into Spanish means “ promises ”. That is to say, commitments that are acquired before someone on actions that are going to be carried out in the future.


  1. Well
  2. Great
  3. Excellent


Vacano is a qualifying adjective from the word “bacán” which means “very good”. In this context, it is said of everything that can be pleasant, whether they are people, things or situations. Also, the “bacano” form is fully accepted.

This term used as a noun describes someone who is liked by others either because of their way of being or their economic position. Also, because you have benefits in your life that would be pleasant to others. It is a word that is used in many parts of Latin America.


  1. “Pa lo tiguere vacano” is an urban genre song performed by the artist “Arcangel”. This song was released in 2011.