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Tulepera con la papaya

Definition of Tulepera con la papaya

“Tulepera con la papaya” has no meaning in the English language. However, it refers to the Italian sentence “tu sei bella come una papaya” which in its English translation would be “you are beautiful like a papaya”. It could be considered as a compliment in a jocular way.

SYNONYMS FOR Tulepera con la papaya

  1. Being a fictitious sentence, it has no synonyms.

ORIGIN OF Tulepera con la papaya

The phrase “Tulepera con la papaya” comes from the animated movie The Minions (2015). It was one of the most resounding successes at the time of its release, directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda, both unveiled the composition of languages that give life to the new “Minionés language”.

This fantasy language is a mixture of Spanish, Italian, French, Korean and Filipino expressions. Pierre confirmed in an interview that he decided to implement this new idea because it is a mixture of jargons and expressions that he himself knows in those aforementioned languages and that could add a unique value to the film.

Tulepera con la papaya, was given in a comic context of the film, where one of the characters stands next to a yellow fire hydrant. Being of the same color and stature of the Minion, this one is “confused” and thinks that it is one of them, seeming attractive to him to the point of wanting to flatter the fire hydrant with “Tulepera with the papaya”.

CURIOSITIES OF Tulepera con la papaya

Apart from being funny and original, this same phrase has been used for memes, remixes of songs and even as sound effects to be added in some children’s parties.

It has promoted the creation of articles, utensils, printed attire and more.