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Definition of Bellacoso

It is said of the behavior or act that incites a bellaco, that is, acts that are considered contrary to what is established and can be morally negligible.

In some contexts it refers to the behavior of someone who is cunning or clever. In addition, you have a facility to understand the messages in question.

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Lewd or lewd behavior that incites sexual intercourse. In this context, it can also refer to something that incites these types of acts.


The word bellacoso derives from “bellaco” which is a term of uncertain origin that qualifies someone bad or mean. In this sense, it describes the actions, behaviors or incitements of a rogue. Therefore, they are unethical actions and even against the law. In a lesser-known sense, it refers to actions that represent a cunning mind.

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The origin of bellacoso comes directly from the term “bellaco” or “bellaqueo”, both terms of the island of Puerto Rico. The word bellaco or bellaca has a strong explicit context and is interpreted as a term that works as a synonym for “wanting to be intimate”. In other words, something beautiful is something of sexual connotation or that incites sex.


“Bellacoso” is a song interpreted by Bad Bunny and Residente. was published on July 25, 2019 as a result of a promise from the Residente singer during the cycle of protests and what he would do if Ricardo Rosello resigned.