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Definition of ATMLEQMGTDT

  1. Short for the phrase “Aceleras todos mis latidos es que me gusta todo de ti“ (You accelerate all my heartbeats is that I like everything about you). In other words, it seeks to express deep admiration for someone.
    1. A = Aceleras
    2. T = Todos
    3. = Mis
    4. L = Latidos
    5. = Es lo
    6. Q = Que
    7. M = Me
    8. GT = Gusta
    9. D = De
    10. T = Ti


  1. Although less used, it is also the acronym for the expression “Aceleras todos mis latidos, es lo que me gusta de ti“ (You speed up all my heartbeats, it’s what I like about you).
    • A = Aceleras
    • = Todos
    • M = Mis
    • L = Latidos
    • E = Es lo que
    • M = Me
    • GT = Gusta
    • D = De
    • T = Ti


ATMLEQMGTDT is an acronym that designates the phrase “aceleras todos mis latidos es que me gusta todo de ti”. This abbreviation is born from a “choreography” performed by three people in a music video. The extract that sounds in this video is part of the song “Todo de ti” by the artist “Raw Alejandro” . A track that was released as a single on May 20, 2021.

Acronyms are commonly used in urban music settings. For example, the album artist Bad Bunny YHLQMDLG or song P FKN R .


  1. Since the publication of the ATMLEQMGTDT video, there are several users who report that it was dedicated to them and that they do not know if it is a joke or in fact they wanted to express that phrase.
  2. The least used variation ” Atmlemgtdt ” arises as a consequence of the fact that many people, autonomously, considered that the part “is what” could all go together, thus optimizing the phrase.
  3. To date (06-03-2021), the official video “Todo de Ti” by Rauw Alejandro, has accumulated 67 million views; however, the hashtag #tododeti surpassed 220 million on TikTok .