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Definition of Machika

This is the word used by J Balvin as a title for one of his greatest hits and more than 130 million views on YouTube. It is understandable that we ask ourselves, What does Machika mean?

Machika in means to break, crush, destroy. However, the word Machika is in Papiamento, a dialect spoken in Aruba, Jeon’s native country, who is a sudden friend that J Balvin  met at the Gym and also the reason to launch this success.

In J Balvin’s (Reguetón, Pop), the term Machika is a call for motivation, a battle cry.

Analyzing the video, due to the warlike atmosphere and the fury when shouting “machika“, we can conclude that this word is a call to action. To be more specific, the definition of machika in this song is  “VAMOS A ROMPER”, “VAMOS CON TODO”.

You know what Machika means.