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Thot Daughter

Definition of Thot Daughter

Thot daughter comes from English and acquires a negative but affectionate meaning. Thot is an acronym “That Ho Over There” which means “that one who is there”, but in a pejorative sense, so it is used together with the word daughter which in English means “daughter”.

Thot daughter is an expression to refer to that woman who keeps changing partners all the time. Its use is reflected more in social networks where it is designated thot to women, thot daughter and gay are when referring to men.

SYNONYMS FOR Thot daughter

  1. Buscona
  2. Whore
  3. Prostitute
  4. Slut
  5. Slut
  6. Woman of the street
  7. Woman with many men

ORIGIN OF Thot daughter

The term thot had its origin in the year 2010 onwards, when it becomes part of the urban language. This term is used to denote a woman of the bad life.

From then on, many singers and leaders of the hip hop genre used this expression to compose songs where they fell in love with women who in the end realized that they had their hearts in many men.

Likewise, when we say thot daughter we refer to a daughter who does not have the care of her house, that is to say, she is a daughter who only likes to have sex and who, in addition, has rights over her body that other women do not have.

CURIOSITIES OF Thot daughter

The acronym thot also has an inverse meaning to what has been described. It is often confused, so its meaning will depend on the semantics of the sentence where it is used, for example, sometimes thot, by itself, refers to those men who shame women in the sexual act.