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Definition of Bliss

Bliss is an Anglo-Saxon term that literally means “happiness”, “bliss”, “bliss”.


It is used to refer to bliss and joy.


The bliss of a young married couple. – The happiness of a young married couple.

My childhood memories are filled with love and bliss. – My childhood memories are full of love and happiness

Marital bliss. – Marital happiness.


  1. Joy: Joy
  2. Happiness: Happiness
  3. Ecstasy: Ecstasy
  4. Euphoria: Euphoria


Bliss comes from the old English bliths which has the same meaning in Spanish: “happiness”. For its part, the word “happiness” comes from the Latin felicitas. The two terms are grammatically cataloged as nouns.

In Spanish, bliss refers to a state of great satisfaction. When a person feels very comfortable with something or someone in his life. It can also be interpreted as objects, people, living beings or other that make someone happy.


Bliss is the name given to a 2021 film produced by Amazon Prime. Production that was released on February 5 and stars Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek. This film production is framed in themes of science fiction and romance. The application of the term responds to the romantic happiness in which the plot turns.

Bliss is the brand of a particular beer in Nicaragua. In this context, the semantic application of the term is preserved, since the idea of ​​the brand is to show the happiness produced by the components of its product.

It is a complementary feeding method to introduce food into the baby’s diet, developed by a pediatrician and a speech therapist. This method allows the child to eat with their hands, learn and enjoy food and its textures.

It is a popular name that can be carried by a male and female person. It is of English origin and means “Happiness”. It refers to the British composer Arthur Bliss.

Bliss is commonly used as a last name.

Bliss symbols are visual graphic symbols that represent meanings. They use basic forms to transmit different concepts, being able to combine in different ways, thus forming new meanings.

Spanish speakers can apply this word Bliss to a Nestlé company drink or to an anime. However, these applications are less frequent or only apply in a specific geographic context.