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Definition of WYD

Acronym from English What are You Doing, which means What are you doing? or what do you do?


Acronyms that identify a religious day of the Catholic Church called World Youth Day in English. In other words, “World Youth Day or Day”


The origin of WYD comes from the English language, specifically from shortening the phrase “What are You Doing”. In this way, literally translating into Spanish, its definition is “What are you doing? or what are you doing? This acronym is often used in casual and informal conversations specifically in chat or messaging services.

In the case of the Catholic event, the WYD was started in 1983 by Pope John Paul II during the jubilee of that year, also called the “Holy Year of Redemption”.


WYD, and other acronyms, are used within messaging platforms to facilitate communication between their users. These acronyms are widely disseminated for their ease of memorization and writing.

The abbreviation WYD corresponds to a very popular acronym in the language of the Internet in the United States. Little by little its use has spread to other parts of the world.

The WYD corresponds to the meeting of young people from different nations and cultures with the Pope on duty.