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Definition of Hostage

The word hostage is a term from English, it is widely used in police and anti-terrorist operations within the English and North American law enforcement agencies. Next we will show you what is the meaning of Hostage and what are its origins. Do we start

The origin of hostage comes from the old French “ostage”, a phrase that meant compensation or guarantee.

Currently the meaning of Hostage in Spanish is translated as “Hostage”, meaning that began to be used from the 70s.

A Rehen is a person who is held captive against his will where the captor uses this person to demand compliance with specific conditions for his release.

This kidnapping tactic has been used for thousands of years in wars and various conflicts to obtain certain strategic or economic guarantees.

For example:

In the fourteenth century, England held King John II of France and his son Philip hostage, as a guarantee that France would pay a substantial ransom for both.

From the 20th century, the term Hostage began to be used in military and police operations when the aggressors took hostages.

These hostages are usually taken with the ideal of granting certain temporary immunity to the captors in order to avoid the intervention of the authorities.

Thanks to this period of immunity the authorities are forced to negotiate with the captors to guarantee the safety of captive civilians.

The word hostage made his appearance in the cinema, through the 2005 film ” Hostage ” starring the United States actor Bruce Willis .

The plot of the film takes us to the story Jeff Talley a hostage negotiator who is involved in a case where a family is kidnapped.

You already know what hostage means