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Definition of Band

Band is a word that comes from the English language and contains a large number of meanings according to their specific contexts. Next we will show you what is the meaning of Band and other interesting information about this famous word.

The origin of the band comes from the medieval French “Bande” which takes as its root the word Band from the Proto-Germanic language.

Thus, a possible Band s ignition when translating from English to Spanish would be “Band”, but there are other probable meanings.

Another definition of band could refer to the Korean technological application known internationally as ” Band ” which has cross platform support.

This application developed by “Naver corporation” is intended to facilitate group communication between various groups of people linked by common interests.

Through this application people belonging to different groups can interact and create new ones in order to meet people.

This application is available in Spanish, English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese languages.

Another possible concept of the term “band” is that of a group of musicians generally of rock music who meet to play.

As additional information, some works of various arts contain the word Band within their name, as is the case of:

Band on the Run – song by Paul McCartney and wings.

Band of Brothers – Series of 2001 transmitted by the North American chain HBO .