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Definition of Bloodshot

Bloodshot is an adjective in English and it is commonly used to describe when the sclera (white part of the eye) is reddish. Example:

  • When I’m just up, my eyes are bloodshot. 
  • Fever makes me runny nose and bloodshot eyes.

In other dictionaries, you can find the interpretation of bloodshot as inflamed area. 


  • A sign of inflammation is flushing, and we will see areas of deep red or pale pink. 

General culture…

Bloodshot is the name of a fictional superhero created by Kevin Vanhook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton. 

This appears for the first time in the comic called eternal warrior # 4 in November 1992. In this edition it was a short appearance where it only appears in the last 3 pages. 

While his full appearance is evident in Rai # 0 a week after his appearance in eternal warrior # 4.

The publisher of this comic is Valiant Comics. 

This character will be brought to the big screen played by Vin Diesel , it will be released in the United States on March 13, 2020.

Bloodshot appears as a secret character in the Shadow Man video game, Nintendo 64 version.

Bloodshot appears in Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe, action television series based on characters that appear in Valiant Comics.