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Definition of Teams

English word that translates into Spanish as “equipos.” In other words, it is a plural noun that designates a group that is organized for different purposes. For example: Pepe organizes a team for the work of the U.


In a compound way, this word represents an action from its original language. In this sense, it has the meaning of grouping or forming a team.


  1. Equipment
  2. Groups
  3. Platoon
  4. Clan


Teams, is from the English noun team and its translation into Spanish can become ‘ team ‘ or ‘ group ‘. From this perspective, the word represents the plural form, that is, teams. It has application in different areas of life such as academic, sports, work and many more.

In its verb form in English it can be associated with auxiliary words to give the sense of forming a team, grouping and even coordinating.

Anglicismo teams is increasingly used among Spanish speakers and popularized on social networks. It is widely used by the younger community to refer either to their group of friends or to show support for an issue.


Microsoft Teams is a multitasking program designed to promote teamwork in companies, organizations, and institutions. It offers its clients a range of tools, including: instant messaging, chat rooms, online work sessions, and other tools.

Teams and similar programs have seen a great improvement in the number of daily users, most of them generated mainly due to the Covid pandemic and the need to meet online.