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Definition of Random

English word that can be translated into Spanish as “random”. That is, it describes what depends on chance or does not follow an established pattern. For example: I am going to listen to music randomly.


Random Access Memory also known in Spanish as memory RAM for its acronym in English, translates as random access memory. It is used as working memory for computers and other computer processing devices.


  1. Fortuitous
  2. Uncertain


Random is a term that comes from the English language and that means “random”. In this sense, it describes something that does not have some established method or pattern and its result is always something unknown, impossible to predict.

The word has enjoyed immeasurable popularity on and off the internet due to the “random” events that flood everyday life. From the way of making new friends, listening to music, the notification of something fortuitous or other similar sense.


Random chat, which in Spanish can be translated as “random chat” or “random chat”, is an application that offers to meet and chat with random people through instant messaging and video calls.

In social networks it is common to find videos of “random memes”, “random videos”, “random conversations” or other similar ones that choose things at random in order to show humor mainly.