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Definition of Crush

It is used to designate that person who attracts someone and who is possibly unreachable, at least from the first impression.

Person who causes many pleasant feelings, but with whom you do not have any type of relationship.

Idealistic and platonic love.


Translated from English it literally means to crush, crush, crush and similar terms.


  1. Platonic love
  2. Puppy love
  3. Secret love


Crush is a word that comes from English and it means to crush, pound and the like. It began to be used in the United States to designate that platonic and unattainable love that normally occurs in youth. The popularity of the term made its use spread outside the country’s borders.

The use of crush is widespread almost all over the world. In social networks, the word is very popular and also in the conversations of friends. It is more used by women, however, this is not an exclusive use, but it is applicable to any gender without any kind of distinction.


Crush is the name of a brand of soft drinks or soft drinks that is distributed in some areas of America.

Crush is the name of various movies, music albums, artists, and music groups. Among them, a South Korean Hip Hop singer.