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Black Lives Matter

Definition of Black Lives Matter

Phrase from the English language that is literally translated into Spanish as “las vidas de los negros son importantes”. That is, it seeks to expose that human dignity should be the same for blacks as for whites.

International movement that does not have a specific center of action and governance that was founded within African Americans and that seeks the protection of human rights and dignity for blacks.


The phrase black lives matter was welcomed as a movement since 2013 , it is related to relevant events that occurred mostly in the United States of America. Specifically, it occurs after the release from prison of George Zimmerman, a former volunteer vigilante from the Stanford neighborhood in Florida guilty of murdering a young African American.

In social networks, the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter is expanding  , having a greater projection after the murder of African Americans  Eric Garner  and  Michael Brown . In both cases, the men were killed by police officers who did not have a relevant conviction, according to Black Lives Matter. The US justice did not get clear evidence of civil rights violence.


All Lives Matter  or “todas las vidas importan” is a slogan used to counter the #BlackLivesMatter label  . Among other things, it defines the Afro-American movement as radical and promoter of racism.

Black Lives Matter refers to a category on the Netflix platform   that contains films related to raising awareness in society against racism.

This movement can be found in different media with the label, the phrase or simply summarized in the acronym BLM.