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Definition of Anyone

Anyone is an English word that is translated into Spanish as “no one”, “anyone”, “anyone” or “someone”, depending on the context. Its most common use is to give the idea of ​​nobody, thus, its meaning in Spanish is “no person” or “no person with importance”.

In the Spanish language, anyone , or no one, can be classified as an indefinite pronoun and a singular masculine word. In addition, it comes from the Latin nati, which means “the born” and owes its significance to the fact that in the Latin language it was taken as “no person” in negative sentences.

The word a nyone, or in Spanish no one, is commonly used accompanied by the negative “no”, as can be seen in some examples of its use such as the following:

  • He is nobody to me
  • I don’t want to go with anyone
  • No one could see what happened
  • Nobody cares about me
  • I know no one will fall in love with me

In the Spanish language the term a nyone has not yet been adopted . Its use is not generalized among Spanish speakers, which is why it is not necessary to include it as an Anglicanism brought to Spanish.

Anyone, a Justin Bieber song

Anyone is the name given to the single released by Canadian artist Justin Bieber on January 1, 2021. Its original video reached more than one hundred million views in the first five days since it was released to the public.

The song to nyone is a romantic theme that promises eternal love. From this perspective, the word is taken as “I don’t want anyone else with me in my life . ” The theme even expresses “ if it’s not you, it’s not anyone ” which means “if it’s not you, it’s nobody”.