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Definition of Brainstorming

Human beings have the ability and the need to work as a team, so at we are going to explain what is the meaning of Brainstorming. Shall we start?

Brainstorming is used to define the use of group techniques, used in qualitative research. These activities consent to the meeting of a considerable number of people who are called to find new ideas or solutions without any restriction or limitation, although this is not the whole definition of brainstorming.

Although it seems not, a brainstorm can be in a group or even on your own. We will explain each one below.

Group brainstorming.

First, a warning. It is no secret that I am suspicious of group brainstorming. That particular method of brainstorming has become a standard solution for teams trying to solve problems.

While you can sometimes create more problems than you solve by fostering social idleness and rewarding some personalities above others, there are times when your team needs to come together and brainstorm. Brainstorming techniques are also good to help teams learn to work together.

Brainstorm on your own.

Brainstorming is not reserved for groups of people, although this is how most of us think about it. There are times when you are alone and need to generate ideas and solve problems in the same way.

You already know what Brainstorming means